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RAFIK HARIRI   FOUNDATION Directorate of Health & Social Services             


We tend to provide medical services and follow-up to pregnant women and their children & geriatric pts….etc

We believe that a physician's education is an ongoing lifetime endeavor.

We treat patients with the latest procedures, trends, medications and technology.


Our main aim is to ensure better health, and enhance patients’ well being.

About the Department

The Medical Department is comprised of doctors, physicians, and five auditors in each mohafaza.

The initial encounters for every patient are the Family doctors who act as gatekeepers for specialist referrals.

The auditors’ responsibilities are:

  • Make sure proper cure is given for the proper diagnosis.
  • Monitor completion of patients’ files by doctors.
  • Schedule physicians on duty.
  • Follow – up on satisfactory of the patient.

Functions of the Department

The functions of the department listed below mainly revolve around the duties/workflow of the chief of medical staff and auditors in all centers in order to ensure best practice of the department and its subsidiary phsysicians:

  • Give professional and medical directives to the entire medical staff.
  • Draw up a medical policy that is in harmony with the directorate's general management
  • Draft a coordination mechanism with civil associations' health centers.
  • Supervise the provision of medical equipment.
  • Organize and holds lectures.
  • Observe the work done by all those working in the health sector in the directorate.
  • Resolve any problems that could occur with patients.
  • Cooperate with the competent ministries (Health and Education), as well as international organizations (World Health Organization [WHO] and UNICEF) in terms of expertise exchange and workshops.
  • Establishing scientific committees to set well-planned standards for developed and continuous basic medical training for all health workers. The scientific committee sets up policies to undertake activities which include all recognized medical specialties to focus on new scientific and clinical information and on developing skills in order to enhance patient care.
  • Supervise the implementation of the school medicine policy.
  • Provide the IT department with the latest information in order to update the available information in the computerized medical files.




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