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RAFIK HARIRI   FOUNDATION Directorate of Health & Social Services             


   The Directorate of Health and Social Services (DHSS), a subsidiary of the Rafik Hariri Foundation, was founded   in  the beginning of the year 2000 as a humanitarian and medically oriented non-profit organization to fulfill the health   needs of the Lebanese population. It was launched to serve the people through its medical screening, pharmaceutical    drugs, diagnostic and social services; through its medical screening, pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostic and social    services; rendering it a health revolution in the new millennium. In addition DHSS aims at providing affordable and    high quality health services to the inhabitants of Lebanon irrespective of their nationality, religion, color or race.


The values of our existence lay behind our beliefs in our humane aid, love to an evergrowing population and faith in “We can cure…We can relieve pain…We can make a difference”.

Our medical centers are interlinked by a network for an enhanced patient case follow up, and faster outcome. However, we do not rest on our laurels. We continue to expand and develop. The latest technologies we are involved in have contributed to winning several awards in reorganization of best health practices. For that, “Health for all” is our slogan - as recommended by the World Health Organization to represent our continuous efforts of care.

Welcome To Rafik Hariri Foundation – Directorate of Health and Social Services.


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